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            About Novas

            Novartis Hardware Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


            Nova Hardware Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned foreign enterprise operating in Shanghai.

            The large, modern manufacturing plant stretches over 6000m2 and employs approximately 200 skilled staff, including project engineers, process control engineers, and R&D personnel.

            Working together as an empowered unit managed by experienced leadership, the team meets rigorous Australian and international standards to deliver superior products. Accredited with ISO 9001-2000 quality certification, the manufacturing plant is a complete in-house operation, from CAD design and R&D testing facilities, to the manufacturing of our wide range of Novas brand products, including architectural doorware, glass fittings, bathroom accessories and balustrading.


            With a history of developing ground-breaking innovations, Novas continues to manufacture products that set new standards for design and functionality. To meet the individual needs of specialised projects, the Novas manufacturing facility offers original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services, working with many leading brands in Australia, the UK and the US. Through partnering with Novas, the entire design and manufacturing process can be achieved within desired lead times, whilst producing high-quality, premium products.



            Enquire Contact us to discuss custom manufacturing options for your next project. Email or Call +61 3 9709 3200




            Nova Hardware Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise operating in Shanghai.


            68/333 Rongwei Road, Jinshanwei Town, Jin Shan District, Shanghai 201512 China

            Tel: 86-2157264319

            Mobile phone: 13917207486

            Contact person: Angus Huang

            E-mail: sales@nova-hardware.com

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